I don't always do all the sheet metal work on the cars that pass through my Ellensburg shop, but occasionally I get the chance to do some partial work on truly original vehicles with a back story. This car was originally built in the 60's. What I'm doing is reforming and rebuilding the custom hood insert in this radically shopped 34.

This 60's era hot rod had its sights set on the Bonneville salt flats, but it fell into a state of disrepair. The original builder was a bit rushed to chop the top and integrate a 60's era Buick Skylark hood into the roof so the work wasn't done to today's standards.

It's actually a great idea including a spear design that goes from front to back in the top with a reverse scoop which allows hot air from the interior to escape while the car is at speed. (great concept, poor execution). My job is to build a new top insert using the original Skylark spear so the crown of the insert matches the roof lines of the 34 Ford (the old one didn't) and clean up the design of the exit portion of the custom rear vent at the end of the spear.