This is the second restoration for this old Chevy. The first one done by another shop several years ago didn't work out so well. If fact, this truck reveals several examples of how not do restoration. It shows how poor work and shortcuts can be covered up only to prematurely fail. That hurts!

Still painted from the first "restoration", rust damage was beginning to reappear around the cab beltline. After the paint was media blasted off the truck, the extent of the  shoddy work that had been covered by heavy application of bondo, along with massive amounts of seam sealer and epoxy resin, the nasty truth was revealed. This isn't the first time this has happened to a car owner.

For this reason I take lots of pictures of every stage of the restoration process so that owners stay well informed and their expectations are met. Metalwork gets signed off by the customer before we proceed to paint preparation. Whenever possible I like to have the carowner stop by the shop to inspect the work in person.

Here are several before and after photos that tell the story.