This 1957 Chevrolet truck is quite unusual. While most custom trucks are done with pickup beds and lowered suspension, the owner of this truck had something entirely different in mind. He wanted something truly unique--a classic fifties four wheel drive truck with a polished aluminum flatbed, new leather interior, power windows with one-peice glass, tilt steering, and more. I think of it as a true "cattle country custom".

The truck came to me as separate components. A 1957 cab that needed all its lower sheet metal replaced; a 1957 hood; 1956 doors with rusted through bottoms and lower door skins; aftermarket front fenders; and a 1973 4WD chassis powered by a 1993 Corvette LT1 engine. 

We handled everything from metal repair through paint. Getting all the parts from various years and vendor sources to fit properly required several custom metalwork modifications. Take a look.