In 1953 Ford Motor Company built a limited number of Ford convertibles to commemorate their 50th year in business. These special Fords were designated the Indy 500 Pace Car model. My shop was chosen to do the extensive sheet metal repair required to bring this particular car back to orignal factory standards. The owner wanted the car, from floor pan to trim package, to do well at a major auction, if he ever decided to sell it.

The car came to me with considerable rust in the floor panels from driver's area, rockers and in the trunk. The right rear quarter panel had collision damage and panel between the rear bumper and trunk lid had rotted through. 

Other than rocker panels (which needed modification to fit) and lower rear fender patch panels, I fabricated all other patch panels with all factory spec reveals and shapes. So, from bottom to top, no matter where you look, the car could have just rolled off the factory floor.